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Board of Directors and Administrators
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Board of Directors

Ms. Michelle Fox, Chair of the Board, Student Services

Dr. Paul Eidson, Vice Chair of the Board

Dr. Scott Eidson, Secretary

Mr. Steven Blackmon, Public Affairs, Public Member

Mr. Kelly Lancaster, Administration and Finance 

Dr. Craig Friend, Public Member


Executive Officers


Dr. Paul Eidson, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Scott Eidson, President, Chief Academic Officer

Dr. James Kyle, Executive Vice President, Office of CEO, Chief Diversity Officer

Ms. Michelle Fox, Executive Vice President, Student Services, COO

Dr. Robin Westerik, Senior Vice President and Provost

Mr. Kelly Lancaster, Senior Vice President, Administration, CFO


Key Staff

  • Dr. Kelly Nix, VP and Dean, School of Business and Management
  • Dr. Benjamin Cocar, Chair, DBA Program
  • Dr. Richard Santiago, Chair, Business and Management
  • Dr. Chris Fox, VP and Dean, School of Health Management
  • Dr. Tricia Brown, VP and Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Ms. Teresa Decio, Chair, Liberal Arts and History
  • Mr. Nischal Chandra, Chair, Information Technology
  • Ms. Victoria Sumlin, VP and Dean Wanda Chalmers School of Safety and Security
  • Ms. Lisa Patrick, Chair, Criminal Justice
  • Mr. Huy Tran, Vice President Information Technology, CIO
  • Mr. Viet Anh Nguyen, Director, IT Development
  • Mr. Kelly Lancaster, Vice President Marketing (Acting)
  • Dr. Amanda Cerar-Derbish, Vice President Human Resources
  • Ms. Geneva Seccuro, Director of Admissions and Registrar
  • Ms. Tina Vincent, Assistant Director of Admissions and Registrar (Service Members and Veterans)
  • Dr. James Kyle, Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Mr. Ingemar Woods, Vice President University Assessment (Compliance Officer) and VP Dean School of Education
  • Ms. Jacqui Bartek, Director Library Services
  • Dr. Robin Westerik, Chair, General Education Dept. and Director, Writing Center
  • Ms. Chris Eidson, Director Office Administration
  • Dr. Purnima Shrivastava Josh, Director, Research Center
  • Ms. Kim Lieng, Office Manager
  • Ms. Sue Baldwin, Director, Finance & Bursar
  • Ms. Jackie Barton, Director, Financial Aid
  • Mr. Brian Woznicki, Director, Media Production

Address: 17011 Beach Boulevard, Suite 900, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Email: info@apollos.edu
Telephone: 1 (844) 476-5567
Fax Toll Free: 1 (866) 287-1938
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